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In order  to develop a flow sheet which will process the gold or gemstones in an efficient and cost-effective manner, the following information about your minesite should be provided:


Company Name    
Phone Number    
Fax Number    

1) How many YPH (MPH) do you want to process? Yards/ hour Meters/ hour

2) Size fractions of the feed material. 3) Characteristics of the feed material.


Feed Size
+4" to -10"
+1" to -4"
+3/8" to -1"
+1/4" to -3/8"
+1/16" to -1/4"


Black Sand
Sand and Gravel
Heavy Clay (Difficult Wash)
Rounded Rock
Sharp Edge Rock
Lots of Large Boulders

4) What amount of water is available for washing? GPM LPM
Will you need to recirculate the water? How do you intend to handle the tails from the washplant?
Yes No Gravity Flow Conveyed Pumped


5) If there is a lot of clay present, and a high percentage of fine gold, we like to de-slime the slurry after the trommel and before the recovery system - using a slurry pump to pressurize hydro-cyclones.

Do you want to deslime? Yes No

6) How far away is the wash water source from the recovery site, and what is the difference in elevation?

Approximate Distance Feet Meters
Approximate Elevation Feet Meters

7) Do you prefer electric motors or diesel engines to drive the pump? Electric Diesel

8) How will you feed the washplant?

Excavator/ front end loader.  
Hopper/ Feeder. Quote Feeder? Yes No
Dredge Type of Washplant Land Based Floating

9) Recover Gold 10) Recover Gems
Shape of the Gold.
Rounded Sharp Foil (1 micron thick)
Type of Gemstones
Sieve analysis of the Gold. Size fractions of rough gemstones

Granular Scale

% Mesh Size Weight Particles  
ASTM mm. mg. per g.
+10 2.0 133.0 8  
+14 1.4 59.5 17  
+18 1.0 27.00 37
+25 0.71 9.11 110  
+35 0.50 4.91 204  
+60 0.25 0.37 2703  
+100 0.147 0.27 3704  
+200 0.075 0.032 31250  


Rough Gem Size
+1/2" to -1"
+1/4" to -1/2"
+1/8" to -1/4"
+1/16" to -1/8"

With answers to the above questions, we will be happy to prepare detailed quotations for your consideration.



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